sábado, 29 de novembro de 2008

ora aqui vamos nós outra vez.

Então a moça não é que volta ao mesmo?!!?!?

Estava eu mais uma vez a ver as cusquices das celebridades e topem só a notícia:

Here we go again? Winona Ryder accused of stealing Bulgari jewels

"Convicted shoplifter Winona Ryder is caught in the middle of an alleged jewelry theft.
The "Reality Bites" actress has been accused of swiping more than $124,000 worth of
Bulgari jewels she borrowed for a Nov. 20 event sponsored by Marie Claire magazine in Madrid, according to TMZ.com.
Ryder, who was caught stealing from a
Saks Fifth Avenue store in 2001, reported the diamond-encrusted bracelet and ring missing sometime after she left them in her hotel room to be picked up by someone from Marie Claire, the site says.
But according to French celebrity magazine Voici, Ryder says she left the jewels at the hotel's front desk for safekeeping. Hotel management , meanwhile, claims they never received the jewels, insisting that they have no surveillance footage showing Ryder handing over the diamonds.The jewels are reportedly still M.I.A.This is the second time Ryder has made headlines in recent weeks. The 37-year-old developed a mystery illness while flying to
London earlier this month, causing the plane to make a special landing. She was hospitalized and later released.
Ryder served three years of probation and 480 hours of community service after her 2001 shoplifting incident.
"I didn't have this tremendous sense of guilt, because I hadn't hurt anyone," she later told Vogue of the "embarrassing" incident.
"Had I physically harmed someone or caused harm to a human being, I think it would have been an entirely different experience."
Reps for Bulgari and Ryder could not be reached for comment on Saturday."

Foto com os alegados artefactos:

É cleptomaníaca é! A pôr a mão em joias destas....

Notícia pode ser lida aqui.

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